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    Ahmed commented  · 

    We need this feature. Has to be prioritized. It limits your classified tremendously. Implementing this feature will open a lot of doors.
    My site is another example where we need this:

    Category list of car parts.

    For each car part selected a user can then select car model, make and year for that part.

    Right now I have to create custom fields of all my car models, makes and years but these fields do not cascade. So if a user selects a make, the other fields should update but they do not... The only way around this now is to create these three fields as categories for every part. Not practical at all

    I have been monitoring this thread for a few months now, what is the reason for the delay on this ?

    You can easily add code in the your item controller that will not add any stress to the server.

    Here is a pseudo code snippet idea:

    1) Add a new custom field type in dj_classified that has cascade enabled and allows you to add other custom fields to it.

    custom field 1:
    name: "car_make"
    special_type: "cascade"
    Show when value selected: *blank* will show the field regardless of value
    linked to: "car part 1", "car part 2", "car part 3" ( can select 1 category or multiple categories or custom fields VERY IMPORTANT)
    Type: "selectlist"
    values: "BMW","VW","Honda"...

    custom field 2:
    name: "model_Honda"
    special type: "cascade"
    Show when value selected: "Honda"
    Linked to: "car_make"
    Type: "selectlist"
    values: "Accord","Civic"

    custom field 3:
    name: "car_year"
    special type: "cascade"
    show when value selected: *blank*
    linked to: "model_Honda", "model_BMW", "model_VW"...
    Type: "selectlist"
    Values: "2016","2015","2014"...

    2) Go to com_djclassifieds\controllers\item.php

    3) Go to line 769 where you find the following code:

    echo '<input class="inputbox" type="text" size="30" value="'.$value.'" name="se_'.$fl->id.'" />';
    }else if($fl->search_type=='select'){

    4) right after that you can add a code comparison. If $fl->id = id where special_type "cascade" exists Then load related custom field(s) add an onchange handler to grab related fields when custom field changes.

    echo '<select class="inputbox" onchange="updateField(*CUSTOM FUNCTION AND VARIABLES*)" name="se_'.$fl->id.'" >';

    5) update your mod_djclassifieds_search default view with the updateField function to grab related cascaded fields when a user selects a different value from the current field.

    6) profit

    Note: How you handle the sql side is up to you, but since you do a onchange handler you won't be loading all the data in one go. Server load should be ok.

    Ahmed commented  · 

    Just got this component and this feature would definitely add a lot more versatility to it. Up voted, we need this !

    Ahmed supported this idea  · 

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