1. What is extension's license?

  2. What to do to get support after extension purchase

  3. How to allow user to access only one component in admin panel?

  4. How to add extra fields during new user registration process

  5. How to extend your subscription?

  6. How to install new plugins using "Update Manager"

  7. How to update extension using "Update Manager"

  8. How to find your purchase code at Themeforest

  9. How to resolve problem with "No input file specified"

  10. If I purchase your extension, what support can I get?

  11. Why I cannot download the files after my subscription expired?

  12. Is it safe to update the extension?

  13. Can I test the Joomla extensions from backend?

  14. How to reset password

  15. How to install language packs

  16. How can I check my license key?

  17. How can I contact support?

  18. How to release the license?

  19. Can I use the extension on several websites?

  20. The license expired - can I use the extension anyway?

  21. What are system requirements for Joomla extensions?

  22. How to insert the License Key?

  23. I am not sure how to do it, can you install and configure the extension for me?

  24. What type of payments do you accept?

  25. Do I have to pay a monthly/yearly fee to use the extension?

  26. How much does it cost?

  27. How can I join the extension club to download the extensions?

  28. Is the extension optimized for search engines?

  29. Do I need a software to edit and resize pictures before uploading them?

  30. Fx-Transitions

  31. How to login to Joomla with Facebook and Google+

  32. How to check your order at (2checkout)

  33. How to check module positions in Joomla 3

  34. How to download the Invoice

  35. What is Joomla?

  36. How to update Joomla extensions

  37. How to correctly display articles on the homepage

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