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  1. "add to favorites" / whish list functionality

  2. "Show on click" for fields displayed in users profile on adverts details page

  3. Adding custom fields to user profile in DJ-Classifieds

  4. Adding DJ-ImageSlider module to the content article

  5. Adding missing language constants in DJ-Classifieds

  6. Adding User Profile Picture to user's profile in DJ-Classifieds

  7. Allow users on front to block publication of advert

  8. Allow users to copy their adverts!

  9. Allow users to send attachments via Contact This Advertiser / Seller form

  10. Always display extra fields for all categories in search/filter module

  11. Auctions in DJ-Classifieds

  12. Auctions in DJ-Classifieds

  13. Blank page when adding an advert

  14. Breadcrumbs in DJ-Catalog2 are not working?

  15. Can I test the Joomla extensions from backend?

  16. Can I use the extension on several websites?

  17. Can users choose different currency for price of their DJ-Classifieds ads?

  18. Changing currency sign in DJ-Catalog2

  19. Changing DJ-Catalog2 CSS or layout files

  20. Changing DJ-Catalog2 Pagebreak plugin format

  21. Changing image ordering in DJ-Catalog2

  22. Changing the spinning wheel/loader

  23. Check how link slides to external URLs in DJ-ImageSlider

  24. Check system requirements of DJ-ImageSlider

  25. Contact advertiser via JomSocial

  26. Contact only for registered users

  27. Coupons App

  28. Coupons App for DJ-Classifieds - How it works?

  29. Custom ALT and TITLE image attributes in DJ-ImageSlider

  30. Custom fields grouping

  31. Custom Google Maps Styles

  32. Custom units for “Buy Now” functionality in DJ-Classifieds

  33. Default country for places API (google maps)

  34. Default country for places API (google maps)

  35. Direct Paypal Payments in DJ-Classifieds

  36. Direct Paypal Payments in DJ-Classifieds

  37. Disable mouse zoom scrolling in Google Maps

  38. Disabling "Browse" button in DJ-Catalog2 subcategories

  39. Display category images in adverts

  40. Display extra fields in Items module

  41. Display Geolocation address in DJ-Classifieds search module

  42. Displaying Joomla module inside the menu column

  43. Displaying rules for mobile and tablets in DJ-Classifieds table view

  44. DJ-Classifieds "add to favorites" / whish list functionality

  45. DJ-Classifieds (latest ads) into DJ-MegaMenu

  46. DJ-Classifieds system requirements

  47. DJ-MediaTools integration

  48. DJ-MegaMenu Off canvas effects presentation

  49. Do I have to pay a monthly/yearly fee to use the extension?

  50. Do I need a software to edit and resize pictures before uploading them?

  51. EasySocial integration with DJ-Classifieds

  52. Emails tags

  53. Filters module

  54. Fx-Transitions

  55. Google Map module locations are gone after update to 2.3.3

  56. Google Maps API Keys

  57. How a user can send private documents to web site Administrator

  58. How AJAX App for DJ-Classifieds works

  59. How can I check my license key?

  60. How can I contact support?

  61. How can I join the extension club to download the extensions?

  62. How does a registered user buy a package of points in DJ-Classifieds?

  63. How does access restrictions for DJ-Classifieds categories work?

  64. How Files Attachments App works

  65. How Files Attachments App works

  66. How much does it cost?

  67. How Multicategories App works?

  68. How promotions work in DJ-Classifieds

  69. How promotions work in DJ-Classifieds

  70. How Subscription Plans App for DJ-Classifieds works

  71. How to add 'edit' and 'delete' links for guests in the email template

  72. How to add 'edit' and 'delete' links for guests in the email template

  73. How to add a Bootstrap Icons to DJ-MegaMenu?

  74. How to add custom fields in search/filter module

  75. How to add extra fields during new user registration process

  76. How to add Font Awesome Icon to Menu Item?

  77. How to add icon to DJ-MegaMenu item title?

  78. How to add new extra field in DJ-Classifieds

  79. How to add new user profiles fields in DJ-Catalog2

  80. How to add second line to the DJ-MegaMenu item?

  81. How to add several pictures for a product?

  82. How to add social buttons

  83. How to add video to the DJ-Classifieds advert

  84. How to allow unregistered DJ-Classifieds users to post ads?

  85. How to allow user to access only one component in admin panel?

  86. How to assign DJ-Classifieds module to tabs

  87. How to assign points to a selected DJ-Classifieds user

  88. How to automatically post new DJ-Classiffieds ads to Facebook

  89. How to change "Add new advert" or any other DJ-Classifieds text

  90. How to change currency sign/price unit in DJ-Catalog2?

  91. How to change date format in DJ-Classifieds

  92. How to change date format in DJ-Classifieds custom fields

  93. How to change the currency sign/price unit?

  94. How to check module positions in Joomla 3

  95. How to check module positions in Joomla3

  96. How to check your order at (2Checkout)

  97. How to check your order at (2checkout)

  98. How to configure DJ-Classifieds - first part

  99. How to correctly set the child products in DJ-Catalog2 extension

  100. How to correctly use captcha with "Ask about this product" DJ-Catalog2 form

  101. How to create a new slider theme?

  102. How to create a new theme in DJ-MegaMenu?

  103. How to delete DJ-Catalog2 products

  104. How to delete DJ-Catalog2 products

  105. How to disable regular prices and use Points/Credits only in DJ-Classifieds

  106. How to display adverts number in regions module

  107. How to display all categories in DJ-Classifieds Menu module

  108. How to display expanded tree of locations in regions module

  109. How to display galleries in DJ-Classifieds adverts with DJ-MediaTools layouts

  110. How to display Joomla module in DJ-MegaMenu

  111. How to display multiple columns in DJ-MegaMenu submenu?

  112. How to display selected region in DJ-Classifieds Regions module

  113. How to download the Invoice

  114. HOW TO EARN WITH DJ-CLASSIFIEDS - Check hwo to charge users

  115. How to enable and use “Recently Viewed Adverts” feature in Items module.

  116. How to extend your subscription?

  117. How to find your purchase code at Themeforest

  118. How to hide "displayed" column in Table View of DJ-Classifieds

  119. How to hide category description in DJ-Classifieds

  120. How to hide or display categories over the adverts

  121. How to import data to custom DJ-Catalog2 attributes?

  122. How to insert the License Key?

  123. How to install language packs

  124. How to install new plugins using "Update Manager"

  125. How to login to Joomla with Facebook and Google+

  126. How to make images required in DJ-Classifieds

  127. How to open items on-click in DJ-MegaMenu?

  128. How to order categories in DJ-Classifieds

  129. How to order fields in DJ-Classifieds

  130. How to pay with points?

  131. How to place a banner/adsense into DJ-Classifieds

  132. How to present DJ-Classifieds ads as slides

  133. How to release the license?

  134. How to reset password

  135. How to resize images in DJ-Catalog2?

  136. How to resolve problem with "No input file specified"

  137. How to restrict viewing of certain categories with Subscription Plans App

  138. How to send copy of "Ask seller" message to admin

  139. How to send private messages in DJ-Classifieds

  140. How to set "Terms and Conditions" article in DJ-Classifieds

  141. How to set a default search for values in custom field

  142. How to set custom icons for google maps for different categories?

  143. How to set DJ MegaMenu to open items on-click

  144. How to set modules in the offcanvas of DJ-MegaMenu?

  145. How to set smooth scrolling effect

  146. How to set your own path for default placeholder images

  147. How to set your own path for default placeholder images

  148. How to setup unlimited durations

  149. How to setup unlimited durations

  150. How to setup your own criterias

  151. How to Show prices in Query history

  152. How to translate custom fields values

  153. How to translate custom fields values

  154. How to translate DJ-Catalog2 fields using Localise translation extension

  155. How to update extension using "Update Manager"

  156. How to upgrade from free to professional edition

  157. How to use Custom Field plugin for DJ-Catalog2

  158. How to use DJ-Classifieds integration for Community Builder

  159. How to use DJ-Classifieds integration for Community Builder

  160. How to use DJ-Classifieds Subscription Plans User Plugin

  161. How to use DJ-Classifieds Subscription Plans User Plugin

  162. How to use FaLang with DJ-MediaTools

  163. How to use FaLang with DJ-MediaTools

  164. How to use PageBreak in DJ-Catalog2?

  165. How to use Price and Contact fields as custom fields and use it only on several DJ-Classifieds categories

  166. How to use print feature in DJ-Catalog2

  167. How to use Statistics module in DJ-Classifieds

  168. How to use themes in DJ-Classifieds

  169. How to use watermarks in DJ-Catalog2

  170. How to use “Buy now” feature?

  171. I am not sure how to do it, can you install and configure the extension for me?

  172. If I purchase your extension, what support can I get?

  173. Import of categories and subcategories to DJ-Classifieds

  174. Import of locations/regions to DJ-Classifieds

  175. Installing the DJ-Classifieds quickstart package

  176. Integration with Joomla Smart Search (autocomplete)

  177. Invoices App for DJ-Classifieds

  178. Is DJ-Classifieds Joomla 3.x ready?

  179. Is it a new e-commerce component?

  180. Is it safe to update the extension?

  181. Is the extension optimized for search engines?

  182. JomSocial and DJ-Classifieds integration

  183. Migration from DJ-ImageSlider to DJ-MediaTools

  184. New field "purchase_details"

  185. Notification to the product owners about the query

  186. Page Heading Override feature {SEO}

  187. Payable Types in DJ-Classifieds

  188. Payments for extra images in DJ-Classifieds

  189. Private message from administrator to advertiser

  190. Product Option in DJ-Classifieds - How to use it?

  191. Promotion Durations

  192. Query Cart history for registered users

  193. Registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds

  194. Remember user's details when submitting new advert

  195. Removing the #dj-classfieds from the URL

  196. Resizing images in DJ-Classifieds extension

  197. Rotating images in submission and edition form

  198. RTL support for DJ-Classifieds ver. 2.1.4

  199. Save as copy functionality in adverts

  200. Search adverts in user's profile

  201. Search autocomplete

  202. Selection of sorting fields in Smart Table view

  203. Shipping for DJ-Classifieds

  204. Show on Google Map link

  205. SKU on front-end

  206. Sorting categories in DJ-Classifieds backend

  207. System requirements of DJ-Catalog2

  208. The license expired - can I use the extension anyway?

  209. Trigger a phone call when clicking a link in DJ-Classifieds on mobile phone

  210. Update from 2.0.2 to 2.1

  211. Use only one description area when submitting ads

  212. User-DJ-Catalog2 plugin

  213. Using FaLang with DJ-Classifieds

  214. Using JMailAlerts with DJ-Classifieds

  215. Using watermarks in DJ-Classifieds extension

  216. What are system requirements for Joomla extensions?

  217. What is extension's license?

  218. What to do to get support after extension purchase

  219. What to do when DJ-ImageSlider does not work properly after the update from 2.x version to 3.x

  220. What to do when images multiupload doesn't work?

  221. What to do when you see the message: "You haven't published any menu item linking to root category in Categories (Items) view. It is highly advised to do so."

  222. What type of payments do you accept?

  223. When attaching a file to a product and try to download it I see this error message: 403 - You are not authorised to view this resource

  224. Which version of Invoice Manager should I use with DJ-Classifieds Invoices App?

  225. Which version of Invoice Manager should I use with DJ-Classifieds Invoices App?

  226. Why DJ-MegaMenu Options tab isn't displayed in settings of menu item?

  227. Why I cannot download the files after my subscription expired?

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