How to use DJ-Classifieds integration for Community Builder

With this plugin you can display user’s adverts in Community Builder user’s profile.

You can download this plugin from here. Please note that you need to be logged in with your active account to be able to download this plugin.


First you need to install the DJ-Classifieds plugin for Community builder. Go to Components -> Community Builder -> Plugin Management  

Click “Install plugin"  

and install the plugin.

Plugin setup

Once the plugin is installed find it in the plugins list and open it. (Go to Components -> Community Builder -> Plugin Management)  

Now click “Yes” in “Publish”  

Now navigate to “Parameters” tab and set

  1. Adverts limit that will be displayed in user’s profile 
  2. Columns - choose in how many columns should the adverts be displayed  


Click Save.  


Now when on frontend you visit user’s profile, there’ll be a tab with user’s adverts added in DJ-Clasifieds.

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