How to check module positions in Joomla3

In this short step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to view the module positions in any Joomla 3 template.

It's important because before assigning a module to a specified position, you need to know which positions are available.

Each Joomla template have different postions in different locations.

Login as administrator, go to "Extensions" and choose "Template Manager".

In "Template Manager" choose "Options".

 In "Templates" tab you will find a "Preview Module Positions". Set them as "Enabled". Now click "Save & Close". 

Once more go to "Extensions" and choose "Template manager".

A preview icons are visible next to your website templates. Choose the template you would like to view by clicking the icon.

Now you see a new window with all template's available module positions. The names are highlighted in red.

On our example the red arrow points to position-7.  If you want any module to show in this position, you just need to assign it to the position-7.


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