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mobile app

most competitors have it or will have it soon. better seller point for my clients

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    82skynet shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Partially Solved  ·  AdminTomasz Kowalski (CEO, DJ-Extensions.com) responded  · 

    We have partnered with JoomGap for making the mobile app for DJ-Classifieds.

    Currently they have completed the implementation of the first prototype of a SlimApp for Dj-Classifieds.

    Further JoomGap provided us with this info:
    “The app is ready, but we haven’t been able to produce the material and prepare the release. On top of this, we are still getting valuable feedback from clients, that we would like to add it before going public.

    To avoid more delays, please simply direct your clients for now to https://www.joomgap.com/slim-apps.html

    Now, we are focusing our efforts to release the SlimApp for Dj-Classifieds, with an updated feature set, in September."

    Taking this all into account – if you are looking to build the App for your DJ-Classifieds website feel free to contact JoomGap for further details.



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      • FCV commented  · 

        any news of this?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        2017 and yet still no app for mobile. It's a pity

      • Edmar commented  · 

        We are in 2017 and there is still no app for Android and iOS. ALL good classified systems have this option. Hiring a good programmer to develop app is very, very expensive. This customization would be simpler, more efficient and cheaper if DJ-Extensions offers us this option. I love DJ-Classifieds, but now I'm seriously considering migrating to another platform.

      • Amin commented  · 

        Hi guys, I am going to pay for a mobile application to be developed for DJ-calssifieds, however if DJ calssifieds can provide an API to communicate with the mobile application, it would be fantastic

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree

        This is surely a complex work but mobile aps are becoming more an more important

      • dev.pierre.macquere commented  · 

        Hi the team!
        I know you're working hard on DJ-clasifieds but do you have an approximative date or plan for this feedback?
        Thank you very much :)

      • Webnmore commented  · 

        We would love to have this a mobile app too for our users to be able to login and add/edit/delete listings. If the app could be used in offline mode and upload the listing once connected to the internet again, that is really important to us.

      • izvorpr commented  · 

        60% of users on my diferent web sites use mobile phone! I plan to buy Djclas and need mob app to compete with my competition in free market. App need to adapted for 2 kind of users / viewer and advertiser. Advertiser mode have to be adapdet for taking pic from phone galerry or take snapshot button...and IDEALLY M BANKING. All bank have Mpayment user predefine everything on bank website and just click to pay... @Tomasz Kowalski WE COULD make Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase this module. And i despertly NEED sms notification like acy sms!!!

      • sevittopcu commented  · 

        To have mobile app is critical for image of site (content or usage is not so important), basically it can be like a mobile browser app for only your site.
        Most important item about mobile app is publishing new ads with a few clicks (like sharing one photo) actually posting an advert from mobile web page is also not so difficult but users like sharing from photo gallery not uploading from web page.
        Also app should be able to send notifications to user (like private messages etc).
        May be 1 more layout option can be added to EF4 builder for mobile app but not so important.

      • Pierre commented  · 

        Yes I guess that is really really important.
        iOS, Android and Windows 10 (with windows 10, you do only one app and it is available for desktops, laptop, mobiles... More than 300 millions devices now and 1 billion in 2 years, that's huge!)

        Why is it so important for me?
        - every famous brand has an app today. No app = you're a small company, you don't understand the market...
        - notifications: It's THE function i'm waiting for. With JmailAlerts, a user can receive every day a mail with new ads. With AcySMS, users could receive soon a sms when a new add in a choosen category is published...
        BUT one mail a day is not perfect and sending sms is not cheap! So with a notification's system, users could receive notification when a new ad is published in a choosen category and location list!
        That is a star feature, what do you think about that?
        Thanks for considering ☺

      • Nima Haghshenas commented  · 

        @ oskar

        native integrated mobile app developing for world-class solution is NOT wasting time . not for users not for Dj programmers . it is depended to your target market and it can revolutionized in some business.
        Here we have the ideas , we support ideas rather than oppose them .
        if it is not your favorite leave it simply.

      • Mhd S. commented  · 

        I would really support the idea of creating Android/iOS app (or at least the basics APIs).
        most of the well known apps (from different companies or groups) have at least the ability to browse the current added Ads.
        Maybe adding new Ads feature can come later, then the process of the Payments and other stuffs.

        I can imagine my new app is customized the way it can be worked (Something like open-source code) or I have the ability to edit the View/Theme of the app.

        I'm really crossing my fingers for such thing :)

      • Oskar commented  · 


        a dedicated mobile application? Very good idea, but is it worth the trouble?
        In my opinion, DJ-Classifieds needs other functionality to be perfectly. Dedicated obile application is a waste of valuable time of DJ programmers, in my opinion.

        If someone depends on this, always can work with the templates for smartphones.
        If someone really depends on this, always can write it personally or order it with one of company dedicated mobile apps.

        In my opinion, this idea should be implemented, but with a very low priority.
        Moreover, it should not be created dedicated application ... but only should facilitate the work of developers by drawing data from dj-classifieds to relevant files.
        I'm think the best idea is to create somethink likes API for programmers of mobile apps.

        PS. When we can use DJ-Classifieds with location system works with SEO and ussability?

      • Kim commented  · 

        I would also like to

      • 82skynet commented  · 

        Hi Tomasz,
        The minium requirement (from my perspective) will be to display all ads and possibility to filter them by category, location and search.

        "Ready only" for start would be good.

        I hop you can implement something simple in 2016.


      • AdminTomasz Kowalski (CEO, DJ-Extensions.com) commented  · 

        thanks @nima, that was helpful, regarding the payments we'd probably need to stick to what there's already in DJ-Classifieds and let pay for things outside the app (or inside the app in the browser view, as most of the payment gateways allows for mobile/responsive views so this probably would be most easy solution) . If anyone of you have any other suggestions or think that there are other features that are a must in the mobile app, please leave your comments. thanks

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