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Easier users verification for admin (number of waiting users, notification, usergroup, mail, reason for refusal...)

Today it is a hassle for admin to check if users are waiting for verification or not. I have to open all profiles one by one to see if there are uploaded files... :s
The best way would be:
- new section on admin : users verification (with the attempting users into brackets)
- list of waiting users with possibility to click to see the different pictures
- possibility to set on/off email notification for admin when a new verification's file is uploaded by users
- when a user is verified, send him an email to notice him he is now validated (important because the verification is a human process, it can take time and the user can forget the website during this time^^)
- if the files are rejected for verification, possibility to add an email that explains that the verification failed because the files are not correct but he can still upload new files

Maybe it's not necessary to create a new section on admin, you can maybe add a column on the admin DJ profile users list but necessity to sort columns by awaiting verification/verified/not verified

I guess this global process is the only way to do to make it interesting for admin! For now, it is interesting for users but that's really hard to manage...

(and to complete this workflow, I created a new suggestion to (auto or not )chose the usergroup when a user get verified!

Thank you very much for considering!

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