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Correlation between Advert Expiration and Promotion

Suggesting to implement correlation between expiration and promotion for adverts at the time of advert creation and after advert is posted.

General idea:

1. To restrict promotions based on advert expiration at the time of advert creation.
2. To allow promotion for adverts but no longer limited by expiration.

Here are several possible scenarios that lead to this suggestion:

Scenario 1 when advert is created:

If you set up multiple duration periods for ads (i.e. 7, 14, 21 days, etc.) and If you set up multiple promotion periods for different promotion types (i.e. 7, 14, 21 days, etc.). Let’s say a user wants to publish an advert for 14 days and wants to promote it as well. In the drop down menu for promotion types https://snag.gy/4yhMIK.jpg the user sees all promotion periods. This is confusing because the user can post an advert for 14 days but chose/pay to promote it for 180 days. When hes advert expires and user doesn't want to extend it a refund to the user for the overpaid amount has be issued.

We know that some users will detect it and not pay for more they need to, but not all users are tech savvy, so if users pay for 14 days they should be restricted to buy promotions for only 14 days at the time when advert is created.

Scenario 2 when advert is already created:

User published for 14 days, 7 days left and the user wants to make promotion on the advert and he knows that advert will be renewed, so he selects 21 days promotion because longer promotions are usually cheaper and this will be better for him then selecting now 7 days and later 14 days.


The compromise in this scenarios is to limit users during advert creation to buy promotions for as long as they set their advert will last. However, after an advert is created and published, the user has to have a choice to chose whatever promotion needed for as long as needed.

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