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Ideas for DJ-League

Very Nice Extension!

I would be nice to have the possibility of:

a) highlight with a selectable colour my own Team in scorse Table
b) highlight with selectable colours same fixed positions of score tables (i.e. first place with promotion, from 2nd to 6th place playoffs, last position demotion in an inferior league, and so on)
c) in game schedule module, the possibility to show a defined default round (i.e. the last round played) and to scroll rounds through displayed buttons or arrows; obviously, round number should be displayed.
d) to have two level of teams: Club and teams (teams belong to the same Club). I manage a Youth Soccer Club, and i have different teams that plays in different venues in different leagues.
e) to manage seasons. the hierachical schema should be:
Season -> League or Tournament -> Teams
Otherwise, i must cable season in League Description and in Game Schedules and Score table Descriptions but it's not very fine
f) to code the venues. If i have to modify a venue (and in youth championships is usual) i have to rewrite all information: it would be nice to select it form a list of venues pre-coded.
g) to have two or three different sizes of logo (and team description): in a single game schedule, full page, logo and team description appears very small.

Looking forward your reply


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