I suggest you ...

admin email ntf. for everyone promo + info icon promo everyone on smart table and blog view

These are the only advertisement

Available tags com djclassifieds for joomla 3 :


Advert ID
Advert link
Advert title
Linked advert title
Advert category
Advert intro description
Advert description
Advert status
Advert author name
Advert author email
Number of days to expiration advert

but I've never seen anything like "advert_promotion"

If someone edits or adds advertisement concessional, like admin
to see the notification emails.
This is how I get email favor of its own ad to admin email saying:

Hello administrator,

Edited advertisement: '' [[advert_title_link]] ''

Category: [[advert_category]]

User: [[advert_author_name]]

Email user: [[advert_author_email]]

Text sharing [[advert_intro_desc]]

Description of the advertisement:

I have a special promo selected a first, but no emails, no info. and no
info, no money

Also, if the ad promo p first in the smart table is always up, it's ok,
He has no icon from looking at the ads in the smart table, which should
indicate TOP
as made p_special featuret.png or star.png ....

Users don´t know why is add still up - in TOP position.

Just now is update 3.4.3 and your promising don´t see.

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