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buy now - inconveniently arranged function

My users are dissatisfied with the function to buy now because it is for them a very uncomfortable
the user has the desire to add a product, but as a function of the "Buy Now" we need to create new elements and several options positions, group product option
but it so happens that the product variants with a plurality of parameters

have a dress, the seller has a black, white, red, yellow, blue dress
and they are all different sizes, why not be done to the user on the site who wants to buy the product itself selected configuration and the seller in its own section with the desired columns of the output parameters of the buyer

or, for example, car wheel discs
They come in different diameters
They come in different colors
They come in with a different number of mounting holes
they are of different types of manufacture: forged, cast, prefabricated, extruded
 it's hard to take into account all
that is, all these parameters are put in a list of possible purchases for the seller on the site seriously, and they do not try to use this feature

how to implement it, you can take other online stores
Here are links to the examples below, could look like



let's give the user when adding a creative checkbox to select possible types of parameters for each item, and the person who wants to buy himself will be the sum of what he wants to buy

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  • AdminTomasz Kowalski (CEO, DJ-Extensions.com) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the suggestions and overall input. We're aware that the direct payments feature is not full shop, this feature is meant to allow 1 to 1 payments for the items from the adverts, we're not planning to make it a full cart but stick to Classified ads solution (with extras) for now. I suggest that you can make separate ideas for the particular suggestions you have - this way it'll be easier for users to vote for it and for us to implement it in future when the idea gets many votes. Thank you again and keep suggesting :) cheers

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