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Add custom fields to the Subscription plans

Possibility of use custom extra fields to the Subscription plans ( "unlimited" number of custom fields). For example, clicking on the "add more". For simplicity, for example, only inserting the ID Fields. I think this option is optimal for Subscription plans. In the current version of me this option is missing.

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  • Остап commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I realized that it is possible to create a group of fields depending on the choice of another field. This is a good thing.
    But I am interested in the following possibility:
    Is it possible for a user to fill in several groups of fields (if he / she wishes)? For example, to fill in a resume – place of work.

    Roughly so:
    First job:
    - Start date
    - Firm
    - Position

    Link: Click to enter another job

  • Jan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    On some our web sites we use other competitive extension, which has this function. Paid custom fields. Everywhere these pay-field we use. We do not use this other competitive extension only for classifieds goods and products, but also as a catalog for the many activities and services. Yes, there are many specialized extensions for catalog management (e.g. your DJ-Catalog2), but this extension to us do not meet for our purposes. Unfortunately.

    We want use DJ-Classifieds for our current and future projects. Some of the features are excellent, but many features would be good to improve or create (e.g., subscription plans, payment, invoicing, auctions, access restrictions, compare adverts, automatic delete of expired adverts, plugin for PayPlans etc.)

    But now custom fields in subscription plan.
    Perhaps this feature will not use all initially, but for us it would be a big plus. It depends as user DJ-Classifieds uses.

    - Extended information. The target is to sell the most expensive subscription plan. This is possible with offer with great advantages over others. For these purposes, the perfect extra custom fields that the administrator defines. If you are using a similar extension for the offer of services, so for each activity you can find a lot of extra custom fields that you can create as the benefits of the offer (e.g. for accommodation, dating, catalogs, etc.).

    - Display the extended contact even for unlogged visitor below the advert ( company name, address, phone, email, web pages, GPS, opening hours, facebook, twitter, Google+, etc.).

    - And much more.

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