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not enough setting for "Menu" and the module "DJ Classifieds Maps"

menu items "template table category" and "Pattern Blog Category" setting is not enough to display the categories or groups of categories with all the subcategories in a particular region

For example, if I want to make a menu for New York, I do not want to display a link in the menu item to another city or country as a whole for the category, for example, "Job", I want to display this category and all its subcategories (specialization) but in addition being a parameter, only for New York City

Same, if I want to insert this page map with the map of New York, I want my ads appear only on the category "Jobs" and its subcategories "Specialization", but do not want the same at the map shows ads from "Auto", "real estate" and so on

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  • game commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For now you can add the Town as a main category and the "Jobs" and "Specialization" as the sub categories.

    But Tomas said they going to upgrade location module in 3.7 version .. Well , we will see how it going to look.

    Anyway , let us discuss two important things which can solve this issue and the question that scored the most number of votes in the vote ( http://feedback.dj-extensions.com/forums/301899-general/suggestions/8384601--dj-classifieds-location-module )

    so : 1) automatically map zoom in the DJClassifieds Maps module in accordance with the search results in DJClassifieds Search module. This way we can publish one module on all pages and we can use the standard method to exclude the publication on those pages where it's not needed. The map will show the location which is specified in the module DJClassifieds Search .
    2) To implement the dependent custom fields. Thus we can create a custom field "Location" and add there "country" , "city" , "metro", "district" as a sub custom fields . These two things will solve all the problems with the search and make DJClassifieds as a universal app .

  • Martin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have long been waiting for these opportunities
    the competition for a long time have this feature when I'm in a certain section of the city, click the section view of things, or cars, or work, or something else, I was sent to view the ad only from this city
    for the SEO's good will
    now Google lowers the issuance of a site in the search relative to its competitors
    I can not specify "cars Berlin" and that Google has indexed this page, because it simply does not

    When can we expect the realization of this functional?

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